8 covers|muse magazine

Muse #25 Spring 2011 by Luigi Murenu. The girls names are on the cover, and the theme of the issue is The Modern Muses. You can see previews of the editorials at Models.com

I’ve been trying to make sense of this theme, The Modern Muses, in relation to these select faces. But I have not been able to, since I read it late last night. I hope the issue will shed some light on this matter. What makes these Modern Muses?

Also the statment by Luigi’s:

I think today’s fashion is afraid to take risks and in this project we wanted to
be totally free and anarchic, I would say more freestyle.

Does he mean take risk as in discovering what’s next. Or shooting a girl in 20 minutes like he did Gisele for example?

With Gisele we had just 20 minutes. I mean, you couldn’t even change your mind, so we didn’t
search originality at all costs, it’s been all so natural and with no expectations. We just wanted to have fun, it was a special atmosphere, with music turned on all time.

That being said, i like these covers, some more than others. But in general I think they rely on previous works by other photographers.


8 covers|muse magazine