johan lindeberg|blk dnm

Johan Lindeberg returns with a denim focused brand, mixing New York cool, Parisian chic with his Scandinavian minimal roots.

How did BLK DNM come about?
Johan Lindeberg:
It started it eight months ago so it’s all gone pretty fast! I woke up one morning and felt I wanted to create something new for myself again. I worked with Justin Timberlake and his William Rast label after leaving J.Lindeberg and it was a good exercise in terms of working in the US. I learnt a lot from being around him, I was his personal stylist so we went to the Grammys, Madonna gigs, music video recordings and so on…

Johan Lindeberg not only participated in making Diesel one of the hottest denim brands of the 90s through forward-thinking ad campaigns, but he also created the Swedish fashion brand J.Lindeberg at the end of that decade. As such he helped build the powerful Scandinavian aesthetic that we today take for granted. After leaving his own label in 2007, the bearded and bespectacled designer began working with Justin Timberlake’s William Rast label before, in the summer of 2010, Lindeberg decided it was time to launch his own label again.

Cue BLK DNM. Now based in New York, Johan and his team has not only scaled down the design operation and the fundamental aesthetic of the brand to a look that is essentially close to what Lindeberg today wears himself (jeans, leather jackets, T-shirts, casual suits etc) but he has also reconfigured the way he interacts with customers. Using BLK as his flagship store, and only opening up a handful of physical shops, the brand cuts out the expensive retail middle man, and saves the customer money by scrapping the mark up.

johan lindeberg|blk dnm