Angst is an A5 publication focusing on art, photography and counterculture. Self-published by Berlin and New York-based writer and editor Fiona Bryson, who launched the first issue to critical acclaim in Spring 2010, the magazine is now preapring to publish its second issue this month. Taking the format of a small zine, Angst is staple bound and printed on matte paper. Hidden behind its modest cover is a treasure trove of emerging and more established artists. Mainly photography-based, each issue is set around a loose theme with the recently released Issue 2 entitled ‘Movement.’

Celebrating well spent youth through Joseph Szabo’s ‘Teenage’, ‘Almost Grown’ and ‘Rolling Stones Fans’ series and lost youth in Leigh Ledare’s images of his elderly mother posing seductively for the camera in ‘Pretend You’re Actually Alive’, there is a suggestion of movement through time as well as an element of social critique. And amongst other features, Hanayo’s playful and subversive images picture his daughter Tenko from childhood through adolescence and Miles Standish’s emotive images present 80s Melbourne underground that once was. The issue opens with the beautiful poem that perfectly encompasses what is to come:

Move me tonight

Through the passing of time, the changing of reason

After those who have left us, our friends who can’t be here

Before those who’’ll join us, the good times we’ll have

The trains to hop, the mountains to climb

Sunrises to see, and tears to cry

Move me