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He continued: “Even with a wonderful collection, he was a very, very unhappy, unhappy guy. More than that. More than unhappy. Really. I just tried to help him from time to time. I never complained. Never. It’s an illness, nothing else. It is just an illness.”

The film centers on the 2009 Christie’s mega-auction of more than 700 art objects that Mr. Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent, who first met in Paris in 1958, amassed during their years as a couple. In the interview, Mr. Bergé confessed that he never wanted to do the sale.

He dreamed instead, he said, of using the collection to create a museum, one blending their Old Master drawings, Renaissance bronzes, paintings, sculptures, furniture and memorabilia with the finest examples of Saint Laurent fashion designs. “It would have been a museum that married art with fashion,” Mr. Bergé said. “I made money with fashion. And I wanted to show that fashion was the origin of the money for the art. I wanted to do it.” But doing so, he lamented, would have been “too complicated and too expensive.”

-NY Times Saint Laurent’s Other Half

good read