p r a d a | f w 11 c a m p a i g n

Prada Womenswear Fall/Winter 2011 Campaign

A sensuous playroom is the setting for the new Prada womenswear campaign, shot by Steven Meisel. It reveals a new laid back approach to elegance in a relaxed atmosphere laced with sophisticated fashion knowing.

Ivory-faced girls recline on rich velvet couches, their pale skin standing out against a sumptuous mosaic of colour, texture and smooth light. The harlequin floor, rich velvet furnishings and a strip of chrome beneath reflect the intricate mix of colors in this otherworldly palette.

This campaign exemplifies an anything goes attitude to fashion maximalism, but is delivered with a unique sense of grace and casualness, where cherry-red heels, coral kid gloves, and the orange glint of a mermaid scale dress blend with natural ease and precision.

Innocence meets refinement in this timeless tableau. The delicate sensuality expressed by the fresh-faced models is at odds with the sophisticated fashion on display: trompe l’oeil boots in grownup velvet masquerade as girlish knee-highs, oversized coquettish lapels are paneled in fur and python bags are cradled like cute teddy bears. It’s a dressing room of contemporary desire disguised as a playroom of childhood dreams.

At its centre the models emit a youthful luminosity and nonchalant sophistication, creatively capturing the subtle duality at the heart of this new collection.

p r a d a | f w 11 c a m p a i g n