Lana Del Ray: Fashion’s New Muse. Below, LDR graces the cover of Vogue Australia’s October issue. Also below are some of the articles in this months’ issue. Enjoy.

Words vogue.com.au

You may think you know all there is to know about Lana Del Rey, but our exclusive interview reveals there’s more to her than sultry videos, Americana glamour and a whole lot of hoopla. Speaking exclusively to Vogue, the demure diva opened up her suitcase to reveal cotton day dresses, sweet flats and a vintage mink coat she wears as pyjamas when on the road. Del Rey also confesses to loving sad songs, fast cars and carbs, lots of carbs. She eats spaghetti and chocolate cake every day and wears diamonds with everything.  A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Kimbra’s clumsy. Emma Louise loves cleaning. Megan Washington falls asleep to the American version of The Office. Sarah Blasko’s favourite instrument is the contra bassoon. Emma Birdsall is a whiz at risotto. While looking their very best, Australia’s best-loved songstresses share some of their best-kept secrets.

She had the white-hot modelling career, money to burn and a movie-star husband, yet Carre Otis’s Hollywood life was no fairytale. Now happily married to her second husband with two young daughters, Otis realised that dreams do come true, even if they look entirely different to what she imagined.

Take a VIP behind the scenes tour of the recent Louis Vuitton Shanghai festivities with model Lily Kwong, photographer Candice Lake and Vogue’s fashion features editor Genevra Leek.