Harrolds is undoubtedly the most comprehensive menswear store in Australia. Having two flagships, one in Melbourne and one in Sydney, provides stylish men with access to all their favourite brands at competitive prices to overseas and online retailers. Each season they buy the best from Brioni, Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and more. This season we are excited to announce the addition of Balenciaga and Maison Martin Margiela. Being the exclusive business partner for Tom Ford menswear in Australia provides Harrolds with an edge not many can compete with.

Each season they do a great shoot, showing off all their favourite pieces from the different designers. In a job such as this, we look at a LOT of women’s fashion, so it’s nice to have a pretty distraction sometimes, by the way of a handsome man in an even more handsome suit. Even though this isn’t your everyday fare, we all wish the men in our lives would dress as sharply as this. There is something very James Bond about it, no?

Harrolds carefully selected pieces reflect both trend and tradition this season. The new direction of Saint Laurent Paris with Hedi Slimane at the helm provides men the diversity of a well-cut slim trouser coupled with the contrast of a tweed and leather jacket. This fabric has been used across the board as both highlight and centerpiece, seen in Harrolds edit of Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford with their elongated leather jacket. Hear that boys, tweed is it!