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Aussie models Jordan & Zac Stenmark have hit the sea for Mr Porter as the next cover models for their weekly journal. Being genetically blessed does help. Alice Cavanagh from Oyster asked Mr Porter’s Style Director Dan May why he chose Aussie models Jordan & Zac.

 AC. Why did you decide to cast the Stenmark twins for this particular story?
DM. The Stenmark twins’ names just kept popping up when I was asking about who to shoot in Oz. Once I did a little research they seemed like such great subjects. For me they are not only great models but they also have such quintessentially Australian qualities, which really came out in these lifestyle shots. I also love the idea that they are creating a brand of themselves — I hope we can help!
What strikes you most about Australian style?
I love its relaxed but individual quality and there is such a range — from your laid back surf style to your incredibly well-dressed city guy.
You had amazing weather for this shoot. Was there a wet weather backup?
I am a great believer in fate and I rarely even look at the weather forecast — if the rain comes, I deal with it. My producer is the voice of reason and I am just the optimist!
How do you think men’s style has evolved in general, since you started working in fashion?
Guys are less afraid. They have embraced the possibilities of men’s fashion and used it as a way to accentuate their personality.
What is it that you love most about Sydney when you visit?
The sunshine, the food, the people, the beaches, the atmosphere, the relaxed lifestyle, the laughter… shall I go on?
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