After numerous emails asking about what bag I carry, what colour it is, what I carry in it, why do I carry what’s in it etc. I thought I should just lay it all out, and explain. So here it is, the long awaited bag post. I am super excited to share this with you!

First things first. What bag?

Last year I bought my first designer/investment piece. Let me tell you, it was g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s. To be able to buy your own designer anything, especially from a brand you adore, is just the most amazing feeling. Yes, it’s black. I’m not one to carry a bright pink bag as my everyday bag. Black is simple yet chic, especially in a classic fabric such as leather. I considered about 7 bags before I made my final purchase. I really thought it through. I needed a zip closure, (yes I do hold my bag upside down sometimes, and things may or may not fall out…) very roomy, handles to hold over arm a là Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen, and a long strap to throw over the shoulder so i can have my hands free.



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I love the fact that the logo is embossed. It’s not in your face, but at the same time, it’s quite noticeable. Inside the bag is just as important to me. To be honest, I hate bags that have compartments for every item. Who has the time during their busy day to put the pen back in the pen holder, or your mobile which never fits in the small mobile holder? Certainly not me. During the day, things go in my bag and things come out of my bag all in one motion. My nightingale has just one zip pocket, neatly tucked away to the side, so I can put personal items out of sight. Chic, I know.

Next, what’s in the bag.


THE DIARY I’m the person who needs to write things down. If you invite me to a party and I don’t write it down, don’t count on me being there! Just kidding, it’s not that bad, but still, it’s my only source of reference for my to-do lists, daily meetings, work…I even remind myself that I need to blog! It’s my day-to-day life in a gorgeous light blue book. I use a weekly view so I can open up at any page, and glance at what I have on for the week. It never leaves my bag. Kikki.K  A5 Diary $39.95

THE SUNGLASSES These babies are a must-have. It took me forever to find the perfect pair of everyday work shades. I considered brown frames, coloured lenses, even a classic Ray-Ban, but nothing came close to the Super Duper Strength that is Karen Walker. Black frames, black lens, hides all sins, looks fantastic and minimal. Perfect shape for my face. I’m happy Jan. Karen Walker Super Duper Strength $329

THE BALM My lips used to get dry in minutes, until I found this. Slightly tinted, Kiehl’s lip balm isn’t sticky, and glides on my lips. Love the screw cap and the fact that I don’t need to use my fingers to apply. The fact that it is SPF is a plus. Kiehl’s Lip Balm SPF 15 $12

THE CREAM Bless thee who created a lightly scented, non greasy, organic, easy  to use, simply packaged hand cream. Vanilla and Orange Peel has become my signature scent. I love vanilla and anything zesty. The perfect combination from an Aussie company. Fab. Grown Alchemist Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream $19.95

THE WALLET Yes I technically did buy this wallet before my Givenchy. It was my birthday and I needed a new wallet. It’s one of those things that you need to think through. Most European wallets only have 4-6 slots. That’s not going to help no-one. I was looking for 8-12 slots. I found this Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet and instantly fell in love. It has 12 slots, a zip closure inside for coins, and 3 individual pockets for notes/receipts. There’s even room in there for my numerous coffee cards. Couldn’t resist the gorgeous cobalt blue and gold hardware, and the leather. So, very, soft. I don’t go anywhere without it. Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallet $395

THE PEN Need I explain? Artline make the best felt tip pens. I only write in my diary in black felt tip (I’m a little anal). I normally use 0.4pt for my diary and a 0.2pt for signing cards, letters or anything fancy. Artline Felt Tip Pen $6.95

THE KEY Of course this is also self explanatory. I only keep minimal keys. No one wants to look like the janitor. All I have is my house key, car key and store key. I limit my bunch to one signature key ring. This one is made from real leather with my initial engraved on the back. I picked it up from a small leather store in Argentina last year a mere few minutes before I caught my flight home. The lovely guy engraved my initials faster than I could blink. My own little souvenir.

THE BRONZER I only ever use a little foundation in the morning, then apply bronzer as I need throughout the day. I also use MAC Blotting Powder which continuously saves my life. It’s not in the picture because I need a replacement, stat. Bronzer I find gives my skin a glow that blush doesn’t. Blush always seems to leave my face red as if I’m dying of embarrassment constantly. No one wants that look. NARS Bronzer in Laguna $52

THE LIP Personally, I’m not a fan of a plump, glossy lip. I normally just wear lip balm, and at night, apply lashings of vaseline. But if I’m going out, my go-to colour is a dark wine red. MAC does this perfectly, it glides on, and is creamy without being glossy, leaving me with the perfect matte lip. MAC Cremesheen in Hang-Up $35

THE SCENT I constantly change my scent. Carrying a 100ml perfume bottle in my handbag is so not my speed. I need little samples/sprays that I can use during the day, whilst being discreet. I don’t know about you, but I’d like people to think that it’s my natural scent. Burberry Brit Mini Bottle 35ml $48

THE GUM It’s probably not essential to explain this, but I don’t like spinach in my teeth. Or smelling like breakfast at 11am. I always have mint gum on me. Always. This one has micro granules and help whiten teeth. Three birds, one minty stone. Extra Professional Peppermint Chewing Gum $1.25

THE POUCH Perfect little pouch when I need to run and grab something to eat. Perfect for my phone, credit card and my keys, when I need to run out of the office, or grab a bite to eat without lugging my bag around with me. This one made out of the most gorgeous leather, gets softer with time. And as you may have noticed, I’m a sucker for anything with gold hardware. I never leave home without my mimi. Mimco Pouch Black/Gold $69.95

THE PHONE Cause where would anyone be these days without their iPhone? No where. I use it for impromptu lunch photos, keeping up to date with Instagram (you know my priorities…) calls, messaging- all the general phone uses. Also have a few handy apps that help me during the day. My favourites are TripGo, MyTaxiPro, XEcurrency, google maps/google translate, Whatsapp, Netbank & My Vodafone. iPhone 4s available from all Apple Stores.

THE IPAD/BAG Me like the iPad. I’ve got the iPad 2, which is lightweight (thank god!). I use it everyday for emails, social media, my calendar which i integrate with my iMac at home etc. It’s also handy for those long bus trips when I catch up on reading (without lugging around the actual book), and during my lunch break I do a little magazine reading…and may or may not do some online shopping. Why not? It’s the perfect gadget – thank you Apple! iPad 2 available from all Apple Stores.

What I do have that’s also always in my bag is a huge bottle of water. Without it I’d probably faint on the sidewalk. I always have a piece of fruit in there, or a muesli bar which really helps when I get a bit picky. Sometimes I have mints for emergencies, or when chewing gum isn;t appropriate.

I always have these items in my bag. They haven’t changed for almost a year now, but I am always on the lookout to improve things that I already have. Some would say I like to upgrade where necessary.